On July 1st, Google will switch to mobile-first indexing. I have been doing research in order to pass along the information to others.

If your site is already responsive then you likely have nothing to worry about. You can run it through pagespeed to double check: and the mobile test:

However, for everyone else you will need to eventually ensure your site is mobile friendly. Google is saying it will allow time for sites launched before July 1st to make that switch. They are also saying they don’t know for sure how that will affect ranking. They say it won’t but well….the past has taught us to be careful with Google ranking changes.

What to Do

1. Run your site through Google’s Mobile Friendly Test: This will give you a quick check.

2. Run your site through PageSpeed. This will give you a lot of direction and insight:

3. Don’t Panic. You have time. But I would take this seriously and upgrade your site as fast as you can. Most users are on mobile anyway and the time to do this was yesterday. You are probably fine the rest of this year but eventually this will probably affect ranking. Mobile usage is steadily rising.

4. Use your site on mobile and see what the issues are for yourself. Make a list of those items.

5. Decide whether to make some simple CSS changes or change out the site theme completely. It really depends on how you set this up. If you are on WordPress then you are probably better off switching to a better theme.

6. Reach out to a developer (myself included) who can help you make these changes.

7. Ask Google to reindex you via the Search Console. This can take a few days up to a few weeks. Use the URL Inspection tool (left panel)

8. Run another PageSpeed test and mobile friendly test. There might be a few remaining issues after a theme change. It’s best to double check just in case. and

9. Make sure you sign up with Google Search Console. This will help you identify any issues with search including possible mobile issues in the future:

Hope this helps! Reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.