Spearfishing.com provides a unique place on the web for the spearfishing and free diving community all around the world. Owned by Media Options S.A., Spearfishing.com is one of their top domain name properties among Mushrooms.com, RH.com and more.

This project focused on community and social aspects to bring free divers and spearfishing enthusiasts together. I employed unique concepts such as Catch of the Week photo contest (concept credit goes to Media Options) and tied the community together into each section of the site.

Project Features


  • COTW Contest
  • GEO Mapping
  • Social Functions
  • Article Submission
  • Photo Gallery
  • Featured Directory
  • Store
  • Member Wall
  • Forum


Services Provided


  • Custom Theme
  • Digital Artwork
  • PHP Development
  • Logo Design


Client Testimonial

“Tia is always a pleasure to work with and does the job right through to the end and until you are satisfied. She is fast and efficient which is why we keep coming back.”